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  1. LQ Ltd v JN & BN [2022] NZDT 2 (14 February 2022) [PDF, 224 KB]

    Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Reasonable care and skill / Breach / Second respondent contracted with Applicant to repair hot water cylinder / Applicant claims payment on account / Respondents claim the cylinder lost heat three months after repairs after Applicant had attended property regarding payment / Respondents discovered issue with cylinder due to missing fuse / Whether it is more likely than not the Applicant removed the fuse; if so, how much is payable for work done / Held: Applicant most likely took out fuse / Held: Applicant not able to recover own charges but fees for work of third-party just and practicable to be paid / Claim allowed / Respondents ordered to pay $189.03 to Applicant

  2. BO & CO v MI [2022] NZDT 1 (14 February 2022) [PDF, 167 KB]

    Fencing Act 1978 / Parties share an existing boundary fence / Respondent added to height of fence without consulting Applicants / Applicants claim for removal of the additonal height added to the fence and replacement of wooden fence with wire fence / Held: Respondent altered fence without consultation as required under s 9 of the Fencing Act / Alteration must be removed at the Respondent's cost / Respondent ordered to remove additional height and may retain cloth shade / Held: style and height of fence is satisfactory for purpose intended except containing chickens . Applicants ordered to install barrier suitable for retention of chickens / Outcome: claim allowed in part.

  3. GG Ltd v IN Ltd [2022] NZDT 3 (19 January 2022) [PDF, 238 KB]

    Contract / Companies Act 1993 / Applicant company placed in liquidation and through its liquidator brings a claim against Respondent for $17,1756.50 / Whether Respondent indebted to Applicant / Whether Respondent entitled to set off for costs of GPS rental contract and sign writing / Whether Respondent indebted to Applicant for unapproved invoices / Whether Respondent commencing or continuing legal proceedings against Applicant by claiming a set-off in breach of the Companies Act / Held: Respondent indebted to Applicant / Held: Respondent entitled to off-set sum owed to Applicant for sign writing / Held: Respondent entitled to off-set outstanding costs of GPS rental / Held: Respondent do not owe Applicant for unapproved invoices / Held: Respondent established a set-off and not a counter-claim / Claim dismissed

  4. NT v BP Ltd [2022] NZDT 5 (17 January 2022) [PDF, 181 KB]

    Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 / Carriage of goods / Applicant purchased products from overseas company / Second respondent shipped goods in container / Container arrived at depot run by Third respondent / Third respondent unpacked container and repacked one falling over pallet / Once received applicant discovered damage to boxes / Applicant claims $3,680.73 as cost of unsaleable items / Respondent claims goods were damaged before it picked them up / Were goods damaged during contract of carriage by respondent / Held: yes / Photos taken by second respondent do not show damage / No damage noted when pallet repacked / Shrink wrap missing and damage consistent with forklift damage / Was contract at limited carrier’s risk / Held: yes / Parties did not sign any contract prior to collection / Is liability limited to $2,000 for all damage / Held: yes / Damaged goods were all on one pallet / Contracting carrier can only be liable for S2,000 per unit of goods / Unit is whole pallet / Clai...

  5. SN & TN v B Ltd [2021] NZDT 1621 (17 December 2021) [PDF, 223 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act / Applicants bought travel insurance / Applicants decided to cancel trip on advice of doctors / Applicant claimed for non-refundable portion of trip / Respondent declined claim because of a pre-existing medical condition that had not been declared / Held: Respondent incorrectly applied the definition of a pre-existing claim / Applicant was not aware and could not have been aware she had the medical condition / Had not been investigated or treated for the condition prior to the policy purchase / Applicants entitled to $25,261.40 under the insurance policy / Applicants entitled to $2,000.00 for breaches under the Consumer Guarantees Act and ongoing stress and inconvenience / Respondent did not deal with claim with reasonable care and skill and did not deal with it within a reasonable time / Applicants entitled to refund of the cost of the services of $1,092.00 / Respondent to pay Applicants $28,353.40 in total

  6. QB v OL [2021] NZDT 1563 (7 December 2021) [PDF, 164 KB]

    Sale and purchase of land / Applicant agreed to sell property to Respondent / Title not issued by deadline / Agreement extended several times before settlement / Purchasers later resold property / Applicant sought contribution for sealing costs for access road and survey costs / Held: no express or implied responsibility in the original agreement to allow claim to succeed / No inferred acceptance from text exchange / Risk not to secure agreement in writing and left to prove acceptance on appearances / Insufficient evidence to show acceptance of proposal / Claim dismissed.

  7. DQ Ltd v SM Ltd [2022] NZDT 6 (18 November 2021) [PDF, 199 KB]

    Applicant awarded $9,169.84 in previous Tribunal decision / Applicant’s application in previous hearing allowed for set-off of $1,315.99 for title search fees / previous decision did not specifically address set-off / Respondent, without prior notice to Applicant, issued statutory demand on Applicant claiming payment of title search fees / Applicant paid Respondent $1,315.99 / Applicant seeks return of $1,315.99 paid under statutory demand issued by Respondent / Held: Respondent to pay Applicant $1,335.44 for amount paid under statutory demand plus interest / given previous Tribunal order does not exclude consideration of set-off, it was intended as full and final determination of all matters raised in the application as filed / Respondent unreasonable to take actions it did / Claim allowed.

  8. UC & FC v GM [2021] NZDT 1645 (15 November 2021) [PDF, 221 KB]

    Law of contract / Agreement to a boundary realignment between neighbours / Clause stated that if Applicants did not receive notice of new titles withing 300 days then Respondents to pay $10,0000 in liquidated damages / Applicants claim to have received notice 847 days after date of agreement / Applicants claiming $10,310.25 in liquidated damages plus interest / Whether clause is a penalty clause and therefore unenforceable / Held: on the balance of probabilities it was a penalty clause / No attempt to scale the consequences to the length of the delay / Clause did not take into account any unforeseen situations / Clause unenforceable / Claim dismissed

  9. XG v NG & BQ [2021] NZDT 1642 (3 November 2021) [PDF, 250 KB]

    Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 / Misrepresentation / Applicant purchased property from Respondents / Applicant had building inspection completed before purchase but did not receive report before offer went unconditional / Applicant received correspondence from building company regarding work needed on foundations / Applicant claims recovery of cost  to rectify uneven floors / Respondents claim Applicant had done due diligence and knew about settlement issue / Whether defect in property at time sold to Applicant / If so, should defect have been disclosed to prospective buyers / Whether Applicant aware of need for work on foundations before agreement to purchase property / Whether s 35 of CCLA applies / Whether any betterment in claim for $30,000.00 / Held: at time of sale and purchase there was a defect regarding the foundation of property / Held: requirement for Respondents to disclose foundation of house defective / Held: more likely than not Applicant not aware of defect before...

  10. EF & QF v JD & QN [2021] NZDT 1602 (29 October 2021) [PDF, 98 KB]

    Contract / Breach / Applicants purchased property from Respondents / Sale included deed that assigned vendor’s remaining rights in insurance claims for earthquake damage to purchaser / Deed included three claims with EQC for damage and parties agreed there was a further claim for the Kaikoura earthquake not listed / Applicants claim they were unaware of Kaikoura earthquake damage claim and were misled into thinking no damage was caused / Whether term of agreement that damage caused by Kaikoura earthquake resolved / If so, what loss can EF and QF prove incurred and are entitled to be compensated for / Held: contract does not include an exhaustive list of all claims and does not specify that all earthquake damage had been repaired / Applicants have not proven that they purchased house on representation that all earthquake repairs were performed / Claim dismissed

  11. BC v TG [2021] NZDT 1636 (13 October 2021) [PDF, 105 KB]

    Negligence / Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 / Applicant and Respondent were drivers in vehicle collision / Respondent intended to turn right into driveway as he did so Applicant began to overtake and vehicles collided / Applicant stated Respondent did not indicate / Applicant claimed $250.00 for his insurance excess for car repairs / Whether Respondent was responsible for collision / If so, whether costs were reasonable / Held: not proven that Respondent was responsible for collision / Parties have differing recollections of events / Not proven on balance of probabilities that Respondent failed to indicate / Not reasonable for Respondent to have kept constant watch on car behind him whilst making turn / Not proven that Respondent was responsible for collision / Claim dismissed.

  12. P Ltd v Q Ltd [2021] NZDT 1643 (8 October 2021) [PDF, 145 KB]

    Contract / Applicant contracted with Respondent to supply and fit tyres, rims and lift kit on Respondent’s vehicle / Applicant claims $4,375.00 for balance of unpaid invoice and collection costs / Respondent counter-claims $5,000.00 for illegal work and recovery cost of original rims and tyres / What were terms of contract and did Respondent breach by failure to pay or did Applicant breach by failure to return original equipment / Was work carried out with reasonable care and skill and was outcome fit for purpose / What remedy, if any, available / Held: parties agreed Respondent would pay $9,890.00 and agreement was payment on delivery / Nothing in agreement about collection costs / Agreement included Plaintiff retaining original equipment / Held: no breach of standard of reasonable fitness for purpose or failure to exercise reasonable care and skill / Held: remedy for breach is to place affected party in position would have been in if contract performed / Claim allowed, counter-claim ...

  13. SJ & NY v XT Ltd [2021] NZDT 1644 (6 October 2021) [PDF, 206 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA) / Respondent relocated water meter on Applicants rental property, a leak developed / Respondent agreed to fix leak and provide leak allowance for lost water / Applicants reported further leak, Respondent carried out repairs / Respondent provided further leak allowances and partially paid for water use invoices and charged Applicants for remaining cost / Applicants claim amount charged for estimated water usage excessive / Applicants claim $5,000 for declaration of non-liability on outstanding invoice of $1,056.80 plus damages for distress and time spent resolving matter / Held: Applicant not liable to pay Respondent $289.80 / Respondent overestimated usage / Insufficient evidence of quantifiable loss to award damages / Claim allowed

  14. JU Ltd v U Ltd [2021] NZDT 1633 (6 October 2021) [PDF, 205 KB]

    Insurance / Applicant owned rental property insured by Respondent / Insurance policy included accidental and malicious damage by tenants / When tenants moved out Applicant discovered damage to many areas of property / Applicant made insurance claim, accepted by Respondent / Respondent applied multiple excesses on the basis that damage was result of multiple events / Applicant argued damage should be treated as a single event, only one excess should be applied / Applicant claimed sum of $4,031,31 for cost of repairing damage, less the sum of one excess / Whether damage should be treated as a single event or multiple events under the policy / Held: damage was varied, found to have been caused by multiple events / Respondent entitled to charge multiple excesses / Respondent charged excesses on a room by room basis / Respondent’s calculations accepted / Respondent ordered to pay the Applicant $2,111.79 / Claim granted in part.

  15. SA v TD & I Ltd [2021] NZDT 1646 (4 October 2021) [PDF, 139 KB]

    Land Transport (Road User) Rules / Car collision / Applicant claimed costs to repair vehicle /  Whether Respondent caused the collision / Whether Applicant contributed to the collision / Whether Respondent's employer vicariously liable / Held: Respondent caused the collision / Respondent drove in 50km/h zone at around 80km/h / Should not have attempted to pass if he could not do so safely / Applicant contributed to collision by speeding up when Respondent began to pass / Respondent has 65% liability and Applicant 35% / Respondent's employer vicariously liable as Respondent was driving to carry out work at a job site / Respondent and Respondent's employer to pay 65% of the claimed $4,732.25 which is $3,075.96 / Claim granted.

  16. KC v UD [2021] NZDT 1556 (8 September 2021) [PDF, 158 KB]

    Contract / Agreement to purchase caravan / Respondent paid deposit of $3000.00 / Respondent pulled out of deal before full purchase price paid / Applicant sought order from the Tribunal that he was not liable to repay the deposit / Held: contract was condictional on Respondent having finance approced / Finance not approved / Sale of caravan did not become unconditional / Nothing in writing to say deposit was non-refundable / No loss suffered by Applicant / Applicant not entitled to retain deposit / Claim dismissed, Applicant to pay Respondent $3000.00 deposit.

  17. BI v OX [2021] NZDT 1543 (17 September 2021) [PDF, 325 KB]

    Contract / Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 / Induced by misrepresentation to enter in contract / Applicant purchased car from Respondent / Applicant asked before the purchase of the car of overheating issue / Respondent advised no issues of overheating / Car overheated / Applicant claims Respondent misrepresented car / Applicant claims damages / Held: Respondent did misrepresent car / Held: Respondent to pay Applicant $1,869.75 in damages / Claim upheld

  18. US Ltd v NH [2021] NZDT 1545 (16 September 2021) [PDF, 182 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Respondent engaged Applicant to supply and install steel roof / Respondent paid 50% deposit followed by later 25% payment totalling $8,000.00 / Applicant installed incorrect roofing material /  Applicant contracted scaffolders who damaged Respondent’s carport roof / Applicant claims $2,600.00 from Respondent for unpaid balance / Respondent counter-claims $8,000.00 for failure to install correct roofing material / Held: Applicant to refund Respondent $8,000.00 / Roofing not completed to adequate standard /  Applicant failed to adequately remedy issue / Applicant’s claim dismissed

  19. KC & LQ v UT & LT [2021] NZDT 1551 (9 September 2021) [PDF, 137 KB]

    Fencing Act 1978 / Applicants and Respondents own neighbouring properties / Applicants claimed fence between properties not adequate and served Respondents with a notice under the Fencing Act (the Act) asking Respondents to replace fence and pay cost / Respondents served cross notice under the Act stating fence was adequate and did not need replacing / Respondents stated if it did they should only be liable for 50 percent of cost of replacement / Whether the existing fence adequate in terms of the Act / If not, what were reasonable costs for replacement / Whether Respondents damaged the fence and were liable to pay full replacement cost / Held: fence not adequate in terms of the Act / reasonable costs to replace fence are $7,495.00 / condition of fence cannot said to have been caused by Respondents / per s 9 of the Act, each party liable for 50 percent of cost of replacement / Respondent ordered to pay $3,747.50 to Applicant / claim allowed

  20. NU v KD Ltd & QJ Ltd & GE Ltd [2021] NZDT 1550 (9 September 2021) [PDF, 194 KB]

    Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Guarantee of acceptable quality / Rejection of goods / Damages / Applicant purchased car from Respondent in January 2019 / Mechanical breakdown insurance was taken out in relation to the car with the Second Respondent / In March 2020 the car’s engine was replaced by the Third Respondent / Applicant states replacement engine has failed and claims refund of purchase price and repair costs / Held: Applicant not entitled to reject car and receive refund from Respondent / Lost right to reject goods as not done within reasonable time per s 20 CGA / Held: Applicant entitled to damages of $1844.12 from Respondent / Car not of acceptable quality per s 18 CGA / Claim allowed in part / Claim against Second and Third Respondents dismissed

  21. N Ltd v K Ltd [2021] NZDT 1559 (8 September 2021) [PDF, 94 KB]

    Fair Trading Act 1987 / Applicant purchased 14 seater van from Respondent / Upon delivery discovered van only certified to carry 13 people / Respondent seeking $10,000 for misrepresentation and misleading and deceptive conduct / Held: misrepresentation not found / Seats and certification correctly advertised / Misleading conduct found / Van only certified for 12 adults in a fare-paying capacity / Both parties aware that van was to be used for fare-paying passengers / Respondent to pay applicant $2,190.00 / claim allowed

  22. UI v DW Ltd [2021] NZDT 1528 (8 September 2021) [PDF, 245 KB]

    Contract / Veterinarian services / Applicant presented dog to Second Respondent at the First Respondent’s vet clinic for treatment / Dog was seriously ill and its condition deteriorated / Applicant took dog to alternative veterinarian for treatment / Agreement made that Applicant would pay reduced amount to First Respondent / First Respondent later sent another invoice for $671.00 to Applicant / Applicant sought compensation of $9,357.98 for alternative veterinarian bill and other costs / Whether the Second Respondent was personally liable under the contract for treatment of the dog / Whether the treatment of the dog was carried out with reasonable care and skill / What loss had the Applicant suffered / Held: contract for care and treatment of the dog was with the First Respondent, not the Second Respondent personally / Evidence suggested that treatment of the dog was not carried out with reasonable care and skill, particularly treatment provided by the Second Respondent / Applicant sh...

  23. UN v DE Ltd [2021] NZDT 1546 (2 September 2021) [PDF, 211 KB]

    Negligence / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Guarantee / Reasonable care and skill / Applicant entered a building contract with Respondent / Respondent hired subcontractor to pour coloured concrete driveway and patio for Applicant / Applicant noticed cracks in patio surface and claims refund of cost of patio from Respondent / Whether Respondent failed to use reasonable care and skill, whether Respondent has failed to meet prescribed Building Code Standard within 6-8 hours after initial hardening and, if no cause proven, can inference be drawn from the fact that crack occurred / Held: no proven failure of competency or reasonable care and skill on part of Respondent / Held: timing of cuts meets the Building Code’s expectations, no breach of s 362I(1)(a)(i) / Held: standard allowing tolerance for cracks in concrete sufficient explanation as to why inference cannot be drawn that crack would not have occurred without negligence / Claim dismissed.

  24. KN v ID Inc [2021] NZDT 1527 (13 August 2021) [PDF, 216 KB]

    Negligence / Duty of care / Applicant’s car was parked near a hockey stadium / Ball from the turf damaged the applicant’s car / Applicant claimed $1475.00 for damage to his car / Whether the respondents owed a duty of care / What duty was breached / If so, whether the breach caused damage and was foreseeable / What was the reasonable costs of repairing the damage / Held: duty of care for the occupier of the turf to take reasonable care to prevent harm resulting from their activities on the turf/ Applicant was a hockey player and was accustomed to how the turf was used / Applicant failed to discharge onus of proof that there had been a breach of duty of care by the respondents / No breach of duty of care found / claim dismissed.

  25. TC v F Ltd LM [2021] NZDT 1590 (12 August 2021) [PDF, 184 KB]

    Consumer Guarantees Act / Applicant purchased used vehicle from Respondent / Vehicle represented as having current Warrant of Fitness (WOF) / Noticed extensive rust on the floor and other places / Alleged misrepresentation by Respondent / Respondent claimed no knowledge of the rust / Respondent claimed they are not responsible for alleged failures of business who issued WOF / Held: vehicle not misrepresented as rust was not "visible rust" / Held: Respondent not responsible for invalid WOF / No evidence that Respondent knew or ought to have known the issuing authority for the WOF was unreliable / Claim dismissed