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  1. EV v UE Ltd 2017 [NZDT] 1015 (1 June 2017) [PDF, 100 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Applicant purchased lounge suite from respondent / lounge suite sold “as is – no return available” at a discounted price / Applicant notified Respondent of a cracked beam / Respondent offered a “one-off frame repair, at no charge out of goodwill” / Applicant did not believe repair would remedy the issue /  Applicant claimed full refund / Held: lounge suite not of acceptable quality / cracked beam was a failure of substantial character / reasonable consumer fully acquainted with the nature of the failure would not have purchased the suite / Applicant entitled to reject goods and receive a full refund / claim allowed, Respondent ordered to pay Applicant $2,799 and Respondent to collect suite at its own expense.

  2. EW Ltd v UD & UDD 2017 [NZDT] 1010 (17 May 2017) [PDF, 154 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Sale of Goods Act 1908 / Applicant purchased computer system and CCTV cameras from Respondent for its first shop / cameras in first shop did not work properly when reinstalled in Applicant’s second shop / Applicant examined system and purchased it for its second shop without raising any issues / Applicant claimed full refund on the basis that the functionality of the goods was not satisfactory and did not meet Applicant’s expectations / Held: insufficient evidence to prove goods were defective / no breach of guarantee under Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / no breach of implied warranties under Sale of Goods Act 1908 / goods of merchantable quality and fit for the purpose it was intended / claim dismissed.

  3. ER v UI Ltd [2017] NZDT 998 (16 February 2017) [PDF, 130 KB]

    Guarantee / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Applicant enrolled in course of study and paid fees to Respondent institution / Applicant withdrew from course 11 days after its commencement / Applicant claimed he could not understand lecturer and lecturer’s teaching style was poor / enrolment form provided for a refund of fees if withdrawal was within 8 days of course commencing or there were exceptional circumstances / Applicant claimed reason for withdrawing was exceptional and Respondent failed its guarantee as to service provided / Applicant claimed refund of fees / Held: no failure of guarantee / inadequate evidence to prove failure / Respondent provided service with reasonable care and skill and service was fit for purpose / circumstances not exceptional / claim dismissed

  4. EN & ENE v UM & UMU [2017] NZDT 997 (10 Febrary 2017) [PDF, 79 KB]

    Fencing / Fencing Act 1978 / Applicant’s cows crossed over to Respondent’s neighbouring property / Applicant claimed fence in need of repair / Applicant issued fencing notice on Respondent / repairs carried out within days of notice / Applicant claimed half the cost of fence repairs / Held: Respondent not liable to pay for repairs / repairs carried out before notice period was up / fence not destroyed or damaged by sudden accident or other cause / claim dismissed

  5. DX v VC Ltd [2016] NZDT 938 (27 January 2017) [PDF, 140 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Applicant purchased a couch from Respondent / wooden slats of couch broke / Applicant claimed full refund of couch / Held: damage was caused by failure of the wood and construction method and not by inconsistent use of couch by Applicant / couch not of acceptable quality / failure of goods not substantial / Applicant gave Respondent chance of remedy and Respondent refused to do so within reasonable time / Applicant could return the couch despite Respondent’s no return policy / damage caused by hidden defects so Applicant could only have known of faults when wood broke / Applicant not taken unreasonable length of time to ask for refund / claim allowed, Respondent ordered to pay Applicant full refund of $1,596.00 for couch and Applicant to return couch to Respondent at her cost. 

  6. EP v UK LTD & UKU LTD 2016 NZDT 893 (7 December 2016) [PDF, 137 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Applicant delivered vehicle to the first Respondent for repair / first Respondent repaired vehicle and issued invoice to Applicant / Applicant paid part of invoice amount / first Respondent asked second Respondent to look at vehicle due to a further problem / second Respondent gave preliminary diagnosis but received no further instructions from first Respondent / vehicle delivered back to Applicant after some months / Applicant claimed original issue not resolved, vehicle not driveable and had cosmetic issues / Applicant claimed refund of amount paid, declaration of non-liability for balance of amount invoiced and compensation for tow, registration, insurance and repair costs / Held: Applicant did not have a contractual relationship with second Respondent / second Respondent not contractually liable to Applicant / first Respondent did not perform service with reasonable care and skill / first Respondent had Applicant’s car in their possession f...

  7. EO v UL LTD 2016 NZDT 979 (17 November 2016) [PDF, 139 KB]

    Negligence / Respondent’s digger bucket fell onto motorway / Applicant drove car into Respondent’s digger bucket / Applicant’s car damaged / Applicant claimed Respondent’s driver was negligent for not securing his load / Respondent claimed digger bucket had been stolen / Applicant claimed losses resulting from damage to car / Held: digger bucket fell off trailer driven by employee of Respondent / Respondent’s driver failed to adequately secure his load and was negligent / no contributory negligence on Applicant’s part / Respondent vicariously liable for driver’s negligent actions and liable to pay for Applicant’s reasonable losses / claim allowed, Respondent ordered to pay Applicant $5975.

  8. DN v VM [2016] NZDT 971 (19 October 2016) [PDF, 21 KB]

    Contract / Applicant purchased residential property from Respondent at auction / Applicant later found the Bon-Air Vulcan ducted gas heating system would not work / claims $9,731.32 for diagnosis and replacement of system / Held: gas heating system is not a chattel and therefore not covered by vendor warranties in Sale of Real Estate by Auction contract / gas heating system is a fixture that was part of the property sold and there is no requirement to provide fixtures in any particular condition / no basis in law for claim of compensation / claim dismissed

  9. DU & DUD v VF & Ors [2016] 956 (12 September 2016) [PDF, 135 KB]

    Contract / Civil Aviation Act 1990, s.91Z / Applicants booked return flights with Second Respondent and second flight was cancelled / Applicants booked a replacement flight with different airline / Second Respondent refunded fare of $343 / Applicants seek compensation of $1,999.99 for undue stress and extra costs incurred due to the cancellation and necessity to book another flight at a later date / Held: a carrier is liable for damages caused by delay unless delay made necessary by force majeure (unforeseeable circumstances) / mechanical breakdown is a foreseeable event / carrier not liable if they take all necessary steps to avoid damage or it is not possible to take those steps / Respondent delayed decision to cancel flight to a point where passengers would struggled to get alternative flights or accommodation / Respondent only operated one aeroplane and had no replacement / Respondent bears this as a business risk / Terms and Conditions purporting to limit Respondent’s liability ha...

  10. DV v VE [2016] NZDT 970 (22 August 2016) [PDF, 22 KB]

    Negligence / motor vehicle collision / Applicant was riding motor scooter when a vehicle turned right across her path / Applicant claims losses from damage to scooter that was uneconomic to repair / Respondent denies being the driver of the car and knew nothing about the collision before receiving notice of proceedings / Held: on balance of probabilities, Respondent was the driver of the vehicle / Respondent failed to check that all lanes were clear before turning right / Respondent liable for reasonable losses / claim allowed, Respondent to pay Applicant $3,554 in replacement costs.

  11. EQ & EQQ v UJ Ltd & UJU [2016] NZDT 955 (17 August 2016) [PDF, 87 KB]

    Negligence / Applicants purchased house / Respondent painted house before it was sold to the Applicants / paint work deteriorated / Applicants repainted house / Applicants claimed cost of repainting house from Respondent / Held: Respondent did not owe Applicants a duty of care / Building Act 2004 does not cover painting / no physical damage or safety concerns / only original recipient of a service can enforce guarantee under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / insufficient proximity between painter and subsequent homeowners / claim dismissed

  12. ET & ETT v UG Ltd & UGG [2016] NZDT 962 (13 July 2016) [PDF, 147 KB]

    Contract / Applicants chartered a boat from Respondent / boat returned to port three days before end of charter period due to bad weather / Respondent offered Applicants a refund / Applicants disputed amount of refund / Respondent’s terms and conditions provided for a 50 per cent refund / Respondent claimed 50 per cent refund only applied to pre-departure cancellations / Applicants interpreted refund to apply when all other conditions met / Applicants claimed refund of 50 per cent of pro-rata fee for unused three days / Held: Applicants entitled to a refund of 50 per cent of the remaining day’s charter fee / Respondent’s terms and conditions ambiguous / wording did not indicate that 50 per cent refund only applied to pre-departure cancellations / doctrine of contra proferentem favoured Applicants’ interpretation / all other conditions met / claim allowed

  13. EH Ltd v US [2016] NZDT 963 (18 July 2016) [PDF, 127 KB]

    Contract / Minor Contract Act 1969 (MCA) / Respondent bid and won a car auction for $2515.00 on Trade Me / Applicant and Trade Me unable to contact Respondent about the purchase / Applicant relisted the car a month later and it sold for $1670.00 / Respondent was a 17-year-old high school student and was in breach of Trade Me’s terms and conditions that users must be 18 years old / Applicant claims damages for the price difference and other costs incurred for second auction / Held: the contract was not part of a considered, negotiated bargain / Respondent did not think she would win the auction as there had been strong competition before she placed her bid / Applicant expected Respondent to be an adult / Respondent failed to communicate her age in a timely manner / placing bids in an online auction is the sort of contract the MCA is designed to protect minors against / contract cannot be enforced / an award of the full amount of damage not appropriate / loss component not included in th...

  14. ED Ltd v UW Ltd [2016] NZDT 922 (1 July 2016) [PDF, 144 KB]

    Contract / Respondent purchased Company B from Company A / Respondent assigned the licence and supply agreement that Company A has with the Applicant / Applicant claimed $15,000.00 for Respondent’s breach of the agreement / Held: Respondent breached cl 8.4 of agreement by not checking whether the Applicant had the items in stock before using another supplier / Applicant breached cl 8.3 of agreement by failing to attempt to supply stock from an alternative supplier when it did not have the item in stock itself / this breach was not a defence to Respondent’s breach of cl 8.4 / meaning of cl 4.7 raised issue of ambiguity / cl 4.7 inserted specifically when Company A purchased business from Company B  so should be treated as having a different meaning than cl 8.4 / Respondent entitled to flexible product sourcing options under cl 4.7 / no evidence showing cl 4.7 not meant to include subsequent buyers of the business / principle of contra proferentum applies so contract is interpreted again...

  15. DL Ltd v VO [2016] NZDT 952 (17 June 2016) [PDF, 88 KB]

    Contract / Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 / Credit (Repossession) Act 1997 (C(R)A) / Respondent took out loan from Applicant of $8598 to purchase motor vehicle / loan secured against motor vehicle / Respondent was to pay $108.53 under consumer credit agreement / Respondent stopped making payments / Applicant repossessed and sold vehicle / Applicant claims $6,936.70 for shortfall following vehicle sale / Held: consumer credit agreement valid, can be enforced and was breached by Respondent / Applicant used all reasonable efforts to obtain best price for vehicle as required under C(R)A / claim allowed, Respondent ordered to pay Applicant $6,649.20

  16. DZ v VA, VAV Ltd & VAVU Ltd [2016] NZDT 921 (9 June 2016) [PDF, 86 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA) / Applicant arranged flights through the second and third Respondents / third Respondent disallowed Applicant to travel / second Respondent deducted cancellation fees and refunded balance to Applicant / Applicant claimed refund of fees deducted by second Respondent / Held: third Respondent did not provide its services to Applicant with reasonable skill and care / Applicant entitled to cancel contract with third Respondent because failure could not be remedied / third Respondent liable to pay Applicant damages in compensation / Applicant suffered consequential loss from third Respondent’s breach of the CGA which was the amount charged for second Respondent’s cancellation fees / claim allowed, third Respondent ordered to pay Applicant $1,550.

  17. DW v VD [2016] NZDT 914 (11 May 2016) [PDF, 154 KB]

    Contract / Contractual Remedies Act 1979 / Applicant purchased a boat from Respondent without inspecting it or performing a sea test / boat had running issues and underwent repairs / Applicant claimed $15,000 on basis of misrepresentation of boat condition and fittings / Held: winch condition of boat misrepresented in advertisement by Respondent / condition of bilge pump misrepresented in advertisement / age of GPS fish finder misrepresented / no other misrepresentations found / caveat emptor, buyer beware principle applies / statements made after contract are not representations / Applicant’s claim brought six years after discovery of problems / Applicant only succeed in parts of claim that amount to misrepresentation / claim allowed, Respondent ordered to pay Applicant $2866.55.

  18. EG & EGE v UT & UTU [2016] NZDT 949 (21 April 2016) [PDF, 81 KB]

    Contract / Applicants purchased a property from Respondents / greywater was found to be discharging onto Applicants’ property / an investigation revealed septic system began overflowing when blocking plate removed from pipes / Applicants carried out extensive remedial and replacement work / Applicants claimed $15,000.00 from Respondents for their non-disclosure of the issue / Held: Respondent had no issues with the septic system since mid-1970s so had nothing to disclose when asked / no evidence to prove any problem occurred prior to the one the Applicant’s experienced / no other basis for claim / claim dismissed.

  19. DK v VP Ltd & VPV [2016] NZDT 944 (6 April 2016) [PDF, 86 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA), ss 32 and 43 / Applicant left car at Respondent’s airport parking facility / employee damaged car while moving it / damage repaired at a cost of $2,275.16 by Applicant’s insurer / Applicant and Applicant’s insurer claim for that amount / Held: Applicant meets definition of consumer under CGA / Respondent’s terms and conditions do not exclude liability as employee was driving the car and Respondent cannot contract out of CGA, under s 43 / driving is an integral part of Respondent’s service and crashing the car is a failure of reasonable care and skill except in extraordinary circumstances / evidence not able to establish any extraordinary circumstances / Applicants entitled to remedy under s 32, CGA / claim allowed, Respondent ordered to pay Applicant $2,275.16

  20. DY & DYD v VB [2016] NZDT 941 (1 April 2016) [PDF, 128 KB]

    Application for rehearing out of time / parties had 28 days after original hearing to file rehearing application / Tribunal received Respondent’s application six weeks out of time / Held: reason for delay alone would not prevent rehearing / Respondent had enough notice to produce evidence before original hearing / would be an unreasonable burden on Applicants to overturn original decision after full hearing / insufficient preparation for hearing not grounds to have matter reopened / leave to apply for rehearing out of time declined.

  21. DT v VG [2016] NZDT 939 (23 March 2016) [PDF, 125 KB]

    Negligence / car collision / Applicant and Respondent had a side-on collision as Respondent changed lanes to the left, then came back to the right, colliding with Applicant’s vehicle / Held: Respondent fully moved into left lane as damage to Applicant’s car extends the entire left side which is not possible to occur if both vehicles are partially occupying same lane / Respondent liable in negligence for damage to Applicant’s car as did not ensure it was safe to change lanes back to the right / Applicant did not contribute to the impact / claim allowed, Respondent ordered to pay Applicant $4,606.35 for repair and rental car costs

  22. CY-Ltd-v-XB-and-XBX-2016-892-21-March-2016 [PDF, 80 KB]

    Contract / Credit Contract and Consumer Finance Act 2003 (CCCFA) / sale and purchase of land / Respondents stopped making payments for loan relating to purchase / Applicant claims amount outstanding / HELD: Tribunal found that Applicant is a creditor and that the agreement between the parties is a consumer credit contract under CCCFA / however, as Applicant did not comply with disclosure provisions under CCCFA, it cannot enforce consumer credit agreement / also, Applicant might not be registered as a financial service provider and may not be a member of any approved dispute resolution scheme / claim dismissed

  23. CP Ltd v XL Ltd 2016 NZDT 906 (16 March 2016) [PDF, 123 KB]

    Contract / sale and purchase of business / while restaurant equipment included on chattels list, equipment required to run restaurant not included / Applicant’s claim reduced to maximum amount claimable in Tribunal for one year’s hire of equipment not provided / Respondent counterclaimed for unpaid balance of stock-in-trade / Held: Respondent breached contract by failing to include all assets used to run business / while Applicant required to check and approve equipment, Applicant did not fail to perform due diligence / Applicant’s claim not challenged, Respondent’s counterclaim payable / claim and counter-claim allowed, Respondent to pay Applicant $12,522.69

  24. CZ-v-XA-2016-NZDT-894-25-February-2016 [PDF, 68 KB]

    Negligence / car collision / Land Transport (RoadUser) Rule 2004, r 7.2 / Applicant’s insurance company claimed againstRespondent for repairs / HELD: Respondent created hazard and caused the collisionby opening car door / therefore, Tribunal found Respondent was negligent havingbreached duty of care owed to Applicant / repair costs quoted and actualrepairs undertaken consistent with damage / claim allowed, Respondent orderedto pay insurance company $1,708.72