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  1. NT v AD [2021] NZDT 1665 (18 October 2021) [PDF, 161 KB]

    Negligence / Duty of care / Applicant’s house and garage destroyed by fire / Applicant claims if pressure release valve (PRV) near property worked properly, fire service would have been able to stop spread of fire to garage / Applicant claims Respondent liable for costs of contents of garage destroyed by fire / Did Respondent owe a duty of care to ensure PRV maintained / If so, did Respondent breach duty / If so, did breach cause loss of contents to garage / If so, what are losses / Held: Respondent owes duty of care to ensure PRVs maintained / Held: Respondent did not breach duty of care / Respondent had reasonable maintenance plain for PRVs and adhered to the plan / Claim dismissed.

  2. NM & B Ltd v J Ltd & RJ Ltd [2021] NZDT 1662 (9 August 2021) [PDF, 240 KB]

    Tort / Duty of Care / Respondent constructed roadway near Applicant’s property / Applicant felt vibrations at property / Applicant’s concrete floor cracked / Applicant claims damage occurred during time roadway was constructed / Applicant claims damage caused wholly or partially by roadworks / Applicant claims $22,245.02 towards repair / Held: damage to internal floor occurred during time roadway was constructed / Held: damage cause partially by roadworks / roller caused vibrations at property / vibrations primary cause of damage / Held: Respondent to pay Applicant $13,350.00 towards repair / Claim allowed

  3. QL v OQ [2021] NZDT 1664 (22 June 2021) [PDF, 116 KB]

    Contract / Applicant rented chair at business operated by Respondent / Applicant stated arrangement was abruptly terminated by Respondent / Applicant claimed $3,474.50 for lost earnings in period after termination of agreement / What terms were agreed regarding termination / Did Respondent unlawfully terminate agreement / If so, was Applicant entitled to sum claimed or any other sum / Held: contract was for initial three month period then continued wihtout agreed terms about termination / Respondent entitled to terminate agreement in circumstances, but notice period not reasonable / Applicant has not established he suffered financial loss / Claim dismissed. 

  4. BX v DD [2022] NZDT 42 (23 May 2022) [PDF, 182 KB]

    Contract / Applicant purchased a house from the Respondent / During the due diligence period, the Respondent indicated that one of the toilet seats had a crack in it / Respondent offered to replace the toilet seat / Applicant said he would find a replaced one / Fifteen months later, Applicant contacted the Respondent stating that he had a new toilet seat installed for $483.05 / Respondent disputed she was liable to pay / What was the offer that the Respondent made to the Applicant / Whether the Applicant accepted the offer within a reasonable time / If so, whether the Applicant was entitled to the costs of the new toilet seat and the cost to install it / Held: Applicant did not expressly promise to pay for the cost to install the seat / Discussion was about the price of the toilet seat only / Offer to pay for the toilet seat remained open for a reasonable time / Offer had expired and was no longer available for acceptance / Respondent was not contractually obligated to pay for the cost...

  5. EQ v MT Ltd [2022] NZDT 45 (16 May 2022) [PDF, 109 KB]

    Contract / Applicant contracted the Respondent to do earthworks at his property / Part of the contract included taking fill from other sites and delivering it to be used on the property / Applicant observed that some of the truck loads of fill were contaminated / Applicant discussed matter with the Respondent but it failed to be remedied / Applicant claimed for the cost of remedial work and completion of work / Did the Respondent breach the contract by providing contaminated fill / Did the Respondent repudiate the contract by refusing to complete the earthworks / What amount, if any, was the Applicant entitled to in damages / Held: Respondent breached the contract by providing contaminated fill / Through their communication and actions the Respondent made it clear it would not perform its remaining obligations under the contract / Respondent repudiated the contract and the Applicant was entitled to cancel it / Costs of removing contaminated fill and completing earthworks was in excess ...

  6. KT & XG v ZA [2022] NZDT 30 (5 May 2022) [PDF, 101 KB]

    Contract / Applicant booked stay at Respondent’s accommodation for November 2021 / Applicant requested booking dates be changed to February after wedding attending was postponed / Respondent replied “no refunds or cancellation” / Applicant made second request more formally through travel website on 18 October 2021 / Booking cancellation policy had included provision for 50% refund if cancelled prior to 25 October 2021 / Respondent replied on 31 October and declined any refund  / Applicant’s claim full refund of $1032.18 / Held: Applicants effectively cancelled their booking by informing Respondent on 17 and 18 October / Respondent liable to pay 50% refund of $516.09 to Applicant / Claim allowed. 

  7. LT v NL [2022] NZDT 13 (5 May 2022) [PDF, 200 KB]

    Contract / Applicant loaned Respondent $30,000 cash and is asking for loan to be repaid / Respondent claims cash not recieved or stolen / Respondent claims claim is out of time, s 11 Limitation Act 2010 / Applicant claims $30,000 plus interest / Held: Respondent received cash / email evidence of parties discussing cash / Held: claim not out of time / the act or omission is not the lending of the money but the failure to return it when asked / Held: Respondent to pay Applicant $30,000 / no contractual provision for interest and Applicant could have avoided loss of interest by filing claim earlier / Claim allowed.

  8. DM & IW v HD [2022] NZDT 44 (2 May 2022) [PDF, 102 KB]

    Building contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Applicants engaged Respondent to build deck at their property / When deck was finished a number of problems with the work identified / Applicants obtained report from another builder regarding repairs required / Applicants claimed $30,000 to repair deck / Has Respondent completed the work to required standard in terms of the guarantee in the Act / If not, can they be repaired and if so has Respondent failed or refused to do so / If not, what is Respondent required to pay the Applicants / Held: clear breach of the guarantee in the Act in respect of timber used, the screws used and the advice given / Applicants gave Respondent opportunity to repair breaches but he did not do so / Respondent required to pay $30,000 to Applicants / Claim allowed. 

  9. KM v BE [2022] NZDT 25 (29 April 2022) [PDF, 196 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA) / Applicant purchased TV unit from Respondent for $300 / TV unit defective / Applicant filed Disputes Tribunal claim / Applicant requested $345.00 refund to cover costs / Respondent refused / Applicant retained TV unit for 9 months / Applicant claims refund under CGA / Respondent claims Applicant forfeited right to refund due to retaining TV unit for 9 months section 20 of the CGA / Held: Applicant was entitled to refund / Held: Applicant forfeited right to refund / Applicant had sufficient time to return unit and obtain refund / claim dismissed.

  10. EL v FO [2022] NZDT 8 (28 April 2022) [PDF, 228 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA) / Applicant contracted Respondent to make a 21st birthday cake / Applicant provided details for the cake design including a request for marbled filling/ Cake was not marbled and Applicant was disappointed with cake provided  / Applicant was offered a refund but chose to take the cake / Whether Respondent iced the cake with reasonable care and skill in accordance with the agreement / Whether Applicant was entitled to a refund / Held: lack of marbling does not justify a refund nor does it devalue the cake / Cake was iced in accordance with instructions / Not satisfied that the Respondent breached her obligations under the contract or the CGA / Applicant deemed to have accepted the cake by taking possession of it after being offered a refund / No refund justified / Claim dismissed.

  11. KG & LG v HL [2022] NZDT 11 (28 April 2022) [PDF, 119 KB]

    Contract / Trespass / Conversion / Respondent cut back trees and shrubs on Applicants’ property / Applicants claimed Respondent cut trees and shrubs back without permission / Respondent claimed there was an agreement trees and plants could be cut back to their current height / Applicant claimed trespass and conversion / Applicants claimed $8,073.00 for replacement trees / Applicants claimed $4,442.00 in legal fees / Respondent claimed Applicants agreed to pay for their time cutting back trees / Respondent claimed $815.00 / Held: no agreement for trees and shrubs to be cut back to their current height / Respondent committed trespass / Respondent wrongly interfered with Applicants’ property / Respondent committed conversion / Cutting back plants was inconsistent with Applicants’ rights to say how much plants should be cut back / Respondent to pay Applicants $6,060.50 for replacement of trees and shrubs / Reduced amount claimed as quote was for greater number of trees than were cut down /...

  12. QS v DD Ltd [2022] NZDT 27 (20 April 2022) [PDF, 128 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Applicant purchased vehicle from Respondent in May 2021 /Applicant had finance agreement including breakdown insurance / Applicant had issues with vehicle in July 2021 and it broke down in August 2021 / Applicant completed insurance claim form after advising Respondent of issues with vehicle / Delay in getting vehicle inspected due to Covid Level 4 lockdown in September 2021 / Applicant requested full refund in November after further delays / Vehicle transmission fixed but other issues overlooked and carried out in February 2022 / Applicant seeks to reject the vehicle, cancel the contract and obtain amounts paid to date including refund for breakdown payments and costs for period without car / Was vehicle of acceptable quality, if not was any failure of the guarantee a failure of substantial character / What remedy is available to Applicant and does fact repairs completed affect that remedy / What is payable on the claim / Held: vehicle not as ...

  13. MR v BJ Ltd [2022] NZDT 17 (20 April 2022) [PDF, 234 KB]

    Contract / Applicant lodged claim with Respondent following damage to TV / Respondent offered replacement on a similar model TV with similar features as model Applicant had no longer available / Applicant wanted different model but Respondent claimed replacement reasonable / Applicant accepted offer and paid difference to upgrade to preferred model / Applicant claims difference / Held: Respondent complied with policy in providing replacement model TV with equivalent features / No evidence Applicant disadvantaged by accepting replacement TV / Claim dismissed

  14. QQ v TQ [2022] NZDT 41 (19 April 2022) [PDF, 102 KB]

    Contract / Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 (CCLA) / Respondent is accommodation provider through various booking platforms / Applicant made accommodation booking for August 2021 direct with Respondent and paid 50% deposit / Prior to dates of booking Applicant paid balance of accommodation cost / New Zealand went into Level 4 lockdown and Applicant unable to travel / Applicant attempted to rebook accommodation but suitable dates not available / Respondent refunded 50% deposit but refused to refund remaining 50% / Applicant claims $980.00 / Whether Applicant entitled to refund or all money paid for accommodation as cancellation due to Covid-19 lockdown / Held: terms of booking platforms do not apply to contract between parties / Contract terms and conditions set out in text messages between parties / Messages include deposit non-refundable except for Covid lockdowns / Even if this not implied term, contract frustrated under CCLA / Respondent to pay $980.00 to Applicant / Claim grant...

  15. VE & BU v TZ [2022] NZDT 31 (8 April 2022) [PDF, 105 KB]

    Property / Misrepresentation / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Applicant made an offer on Respondent’s property in October 2021 which was accepted the same day / Settlement took place in December 2021 /  During removal of vinyl planks from the garage floor applicants’ builder noticed wide cracks determined by a structural engineer to be the result of compromised structural foundation capacity due to soil settlement / Applicants claimed $22,000.00 in damages to cover remedial repairs and rent due to delayed moving / Held: Consumer Guarantees Act does not apply to the sale of whole properties /  Something that is visually obscured or covered does not amount to a misrepresentation / Purchasers have a duty to carry out their own inspections and satisfy themselves as to the condition of the property prior to making an unconditional offer / No misrepresentation and therefore no remedy is available to the Applicants / Claim dismissed.

  16. EN & UN v DW [2022] NZDT 24 (28 March 2022) [PDF, 180 KB]

    Negligence / Trees / Applicants and Respondent owned neighbouring properties / Respondent made arrangement with another neighbour to cut down trees on the boundary of their properties / Trees were cut down on Applicants’ property instead, fence damaged / Applicants marketing property at the time / Applicants claimed that gap left by felled trees put off potential buyers / Applicants sold property but said sale price was diminished due to loss of privacy / Applicants claimed $4,999 from Respondent in relation to felled trees and damaged fence / Whether Respondent liable for felled trees and fence damage / Whether Applicants entitled to sum claimed / Held: evidence indicated that another neighbour cut down trees / Respondent did not cut down trees / Respondent did not have any connection with incident, other than giving authorisation to cut down trees on her property / Respondent cannot be liable to Applicants for damage to trees or fence / Claim dismissed.

  17. ST v Council [2022] NZDT 9 (24 March 2022) [PDF, 92 KB]

    Negligence / Tree maintenance / Tree fell onto Applicant’s car / Tree on a verge owned by Respondent / Applicant sought compensation from Respondent / Respondent denied lability / Respondent arborist checked tree eight months before event and found no external signs of concern / Whether Respondent breached duty of care owed to Applicant / If so, what remedy was Applicant entitled to / Held: not satisfied that Respondent failed to exercise reasonable care with respect to its checking and maintenance of tree / Tree was last checked eight months before untoward event, which was not unreasonable / Arborist had no reason to suspect there was problem with tree / Claim dismissed.

  18. LL v BT [2022] NZDT (24 March 2022) [PDF, 203 KB]

    Contract / Loan / Applicant loaned $1,400.00 to Respondent so she could pay her rent and avoid eviction /  Money was transferred directly into Respondent’s landlord’s account / Respondent agreed to repay money / Loan not repaid / Did Applicant agree to loan money to Respondent on the promise it would be repaid / Held: no dispute that $1,400.00 was loaned to the Respondent and that she agreed to repay it / No reason to not accept the Applicant’s evidence that loan has not been repaid / Respondent did not answer her phone to further her defence / Respondent ordered to pay $1,400.00 to the Applicant / Claim granted 

  19. UN & JI v NB Ltd [2022] NZDT 32 (23 March 2022) [PDF, 164 KB]

    Misrepresentation / Fair Trading Act 1986 / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Applicants purchased two flats under a cross-lease title in 2016 / Each flat had a garage allocated to it / Garages were not attached to the flats but were separately located in the section / Applicants tried to sell the property in 2018, however, their real estate agent discovered one of the garage’s encroached into the neighbouring land / Prospective purchasers, proved unwilling to purchase the land due to the title defect / Applicants remain the owner of the property / Applicants claimed damages to cover costs involved in a survey of the land, and appropriate legal and practical work that might be needed in establishing an easement or new, accurate, plans / Held: Respondent’s conduct was not misleading or deceptive as it was unknown at the time that the new garage also encroached in the same way as the old one / No wrongful conduct was established on the part of any of the Respondents / Respondents not liable...

  20. BL v BU Ltd [2022] NZDT 14 (22 March 2022) [PDF, 101 KB]

    Towing / Applicant’s car towed by Respondent / Applicant paid $429.24 to recover car / Applicant claimed amount charged unreasonable / Applicant claimed there no signage that car was parked on private property or in tow away zone / Applicant sought $429.24 from Respondent /  Whether car should have been towed / Whether tow fee unreasonable / Held: no legal requirement for private property owners to display signage that car parked on their property may be towed / Cost charged by Respondent was in line with other tow costs / Claim dismissed.

  21. QH v TU Ltd [2022] NZDT 12 (22 March 2022) [PDF, 236 KB]

    Towing / Applicant parked car in area managed by Second Respondent / Applicant paid for parking via app / Applicant paid for wrong parking space / Applicant’s car towed by Respondent / Applicant claimed refund for amount charged by Respondent for towing vehicle / Whether Applicant breached terms and conditions of parking / If so, whether Respondent entitled to tow vehicle / Whether Applicant was entitled to a refund of tow fee / Held: terms and conditions of parking undisputed / Applicant required to pay parking fee / Applicant did not familiarise herself with parking app, paid for incorrect address / Applicant not entitled to refund of tow fee / Respondent entitled to retain fee / Claim dismissed