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  1. WU v QD [2021] NZDT 1613 (27 July 2021) [PDF, 270 KB]

    Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 / Misrepresentation / Applicant purchased caravan from Respondent / Applicant did not inspect caravan before purchase / After purchase Applicant did not consider overall quality of caravan as good as advertisement presented / Applicant claimed misrepresentation regarding new wall and roof installation and refrigerator and sought damages of $14,500.00 / Held: factually incorrect information provided in relation to wall installation in caravan / Incorrect information not provided about refrigerator / Claim regarding misrepresentation of refrigerator must fail / Statement about new wall installation was of a nature that would induce an average objective person in the circumstances to enter the contract to purchase the caravan / Applicant has proven inducement and actionable misrepresentation by Respondent / Respondent ordered to pay $10,722.60 to Applicant / Claim allowed

  2. TC v I Ltd G Ltd [2021] NZDT 1570 (26 July 2021) [PDF, 177 KB]

    Duty of care / Applicant driving on SH1 at 30km/h / Road was being resurfaced / Tyre and rim suddenly significantly damaged / Metal lid of service entry raised above the road / No road cones or warnings to alert motorists to the hazard / Respondents breached duty of care by not alerting motorists to the hazard / Respondents did not follow their traffic management guidelines / Applicant entitled to compensation for the cost of new tyre and the cost of rim repair / Respondents liable to compensate Applicant $807.80

  3. TQ v OC [2021] NZDT 1620 (26 July 2021) [PDF, 157 KB]

    Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 / Misrepresentation / Applicant purchased boat engine from Respondent after told motor perfect / After purchase Applicant discovered engine had defect and would not turn over / Applicant claims $1,269 from Respondent for sum paid and cost of mechanical assessment / Whether there was a misrepresentation in the sale of the motor / Whether Applicant entitled to sum claimed / Held: not true that motor was perfect at time statement was made / Language would have included a normal person to buy motor / Misrepresentation in sale of motor / Held: Applicant entitled to sum paid and expense of assessment / Claim allowed / Respondent ordered to pay $1,269 to Applicant

  4. CO Ltd v GM Ltd [2019] NZDT 1478 (26 July 2019) [PDF, 95 KB]

    Contract / Section 144 of the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 / Applicant supplied Respondent stock / Respondent only sold small portion of stock and wished to return remaining stock in exchange for credit / Applicant claimed $15,000.00 towards invoices / Respondent counterclaimed $3,340.00 for storage costs / Held: Applicant not obligated to accept the goods return / Respondent must make payment for the goods in accordance with the contract / Applicant limits claim in accordance with Tribunal’s jurisdictional limit / Respondent ordered to pay Applicant $15,000.00 / Claim allowed.

  5. TS v LD TI & EX& W Inc [2021] NZDT 1598 (23 July 2021) [PDF, 200 KB]

    Negligence / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA) / Remedy / Applicant purchased horse from Respondent and Second Respondent / Applicant engaged Third Respondent to provide pre purchase examination which did not record any concerns / after purchase horse diagnosed with several issues and given poor prognosis for athletic performance and long term pleasure riding / Applicant euthanised horse and claims full reimbursement of purchase price of $28,750.00 from Respondents / Held: Third Respondent was not negligent in exercising duty of care when carrying out pre purchase exam of horse / Held: Respondent and Second Respondent acted “in trade” when sold horse to Applicant / Guarantees in CGA apply to sale / Held: horse did not comply with guarantees of acceptable quality and fitness for purpose per ss 7 and 8 of CGA / Held: failure of substantial character per s 21 of CGA / Applicant entitled to compensation of $19,165.00 / Claim allowed

  6. KT v BM [2021] NZDT 1571 (22 July 2021) [PDF, 182 KB]

    Contract / Flatmate agreement / Respondent entered applicant’s bedroom multiple times when intoxicated in the night / Applicant sought repayment of bond of $350 from the respondent / Respondent sought rent and miscellaneous costs from applicant / Whether the applicant entitled to cancel the contract / Whether the amount claimed was proven / Held: implied term of contract that the head tenant should not enter the flatmate’s exclusive use area without their consent / privacy and personal security an essential party of the contract / Breach was sufficient to justify the applicant cancelling the contract / Respondent suffered financial loss resulting from a situation of his own making / Respondent ordered to pay $350 to the applicant / Claim granted.

  7. BT v SM [2021] NZDT 1562 (22 July 2021) [PDF, 217 KB]

    Contract / Tort / Flatting agreements / Two separate flatmate agreements between the applicant property owner and the respondents / Dispute over flood damage, furniture damage and rent arears / Applicant claimed $2,055.00 from Respondents for compensation and rent arears / Tenancy Tribunal had earlier determined that the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 did not apply in this claim / Whether any or all of the respondents breached their duty of care not to damage the property / If so, what foreseeable loss flowed from the breach / Question of when the tenancy ended and whether rent had been paid to that date / Held: respondents owed a duty of care not to damage the applicant’s property / evidence established some of the respondents were responsible for damage to the sofa / evidence relating to flood damage unclear / not satisfied the applicant has proven the claim on the balance of probabilities / rent claim not proven on the evidence / two of the respondents responsible for small amount o...

  8. UO & NO v HS Ltd & JI & HM [2021] NZDT 1587 (21 July 2021) [PDF, 270 KB]

    Building Act 2004 / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Implied warranty / Guarantee of reasonable care and skill / Breach / Applicants purchased property from Second and Third Respondent / Applicant discovered several defects with newly built house which was built by Respondent / Applicants claim $30,000 for cost of remedial work / Held: there is an implied warranty under the Building Act / Applicants are able to file claim against respondents for breach / Held: Consumer Guarantees Act applies in claim / Held: Respondent breached implied warranty under the Building Act and CGA ss 28 and 29 / Respondent as builder responsible to ensure work done with reasonable skill and was compliant / Failure of substantial character and defects rendered new building not fit for purpose / Claim allowed / Respondent to pay Applicant $22,674.47 for remedial work

  9. OK Ltd v HO Ltd & BG [2020] NZDT 1519 (21 July 2020) [PDF, 182 KB]

    Contract / Payment / Applicants entered into contract with company to do plumbing work for First Respondent / Work halted as First Respondent could not pay invoices / After Applicant met with Second Respondent work continued / Two further invoices issued and not paid / Applicant claims Second Respondent said he would personally pay for work / Applicant claims $6,002.99 from Second Respondent / Second Respondent claims he was facilitator and payments he made were paid as loan to First Respondent / Held: Second Respondent had personally paid company for previous work and said he would pay for work to finish job / Second Respondent did not say he was acting as agent for First Respondent / Second Respondent liable for payments on basis he promised to personally pay / Claim allowed except for costs and claimed interest / Discretionary interest granted, calculated in accordance with Interest on Money Claims Act 2016 / Second Respondent ordered to pay Applicant $5,193.51.

  10. FD Ltd v FT [2021] NZDT 1577 (20 July 2021) [PDF, 216 KB]

    Contract / Music festival / Second Respondent approached Applicant to engage artists to perform at music festival / Shortly after the contract was signed the First Respondent, managing director of the Second Respondent, cancelled the contract and said the event was cancelled / Applicant later discovered the event was not cancelled and another line up of musicians was used / Applicant claimed there had been a repudiation of the contract / Applicant claimed the Second Respondent was contractually obliged to pay $49,000 for cost of contract / Applicant reduced the claim amount to $30,000 to come within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal / What were the relevant terms of the contract / Whether there was a valid cancellation of the contract / Whether the applicant was entitled to all of the $30,000 / Held: First Respondent was liable to pay $30,000 / Accepted that the First Respondent cancelled the contract as she no longer had financial backing / Terms of the contract meant the Applicant cou...

  11. DE v TQ [2021] NZDT 1572 (20 July 2021) [PDF, 219 KB]

    Contract / Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 (CCLA) / Applicant bought boat from Respondent which was found to have corrosion in hull and issue with motor / Applicant claims damages of $4,999.00 for cost of repairs / Held: boat represented as good boat with no issues is incorrect and a misrepresentation / Held: Applicant induced to purchase boat by Respondent’s misrepresentation and is entitled to damages per s 35(1)(a) CCLA / Claim allowed / Respondent ordered to pay damages of $4,000.00 to Applicant

  12. FL & UL v DB [2021] NZDT 1595 (19 July 2021) [PDF, 209 KB]

    Negligence / Applicants involved in car collision with Respondent / Applicants and Applicant's insurer claim repair costs on basis Respondent caused the crash / Damage to cars supported view that Respondent caused crash by failing to give way / Applicant’s use of flush median was legal but more care was needed / Damage to Applicant's car suggests he was not travelling slowly / Held: Respondent has 75% liability and Applicant 25% / Respondent liable for 75% of repair cost to Applicants car / Respondent must pay Applicant's insurer $5893.60

  13. HN v FH Ltd [2021] NZDT 1576 (16 July 2021) [PDF, 243 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA) / Promissory Estoppel / Fair Trading Act 1986 (FTA) / Applicant booked 3 tickets on a spectator boat during the America’s Cup for 13 March / Applicant arrived after check in time and missed departure of vessel / Applicant claims refund of ticket costs, accommodation costs, filing fee and legal costs/damages / Respondent does not agree to refunding ticket price as purchase honoured by providing Applicant alternative trip / Held: Respondent did not breach contract as Applicant did not adhere to conditions of agreement / Held: promissory estoppel does not apply in these circumstances as no detriment to Applicant, he has not suffered any loss as alternative trip offered / Held: Applicant complied with terms and conditions, did not breach FTA / Claim dismissed

  14. JT & JB Ltd v SN [2021] NZDT 1582 (16 July 2021) [PDF, 197 KB]

    Negligence / Applicant and Respondent were drivers in a vehicle collision / Respondent was pulling out of a car park when collision with Applicant’s vehicle occurred / Dispute regarding whether Respondent drove in front of Applicant or Applicant turned into Respondent’s vehicle /  Held: Respondent drove in front of Applicant and was negligent / Claim allowed / Respondent liable for damage to Applicant’s vehicle and ordered to pay $5,806.50

  15. RC v TR Ltd [2021] NZDT 1573 (15 July 2021) [PDF, 185 KB]

    Contract / Roof work / Applicant requested a quote from the respondent for roof work / Quoted price of $3,252.00 was accepted by applicant / Applicant paid fifty percent deposit and respondent carried out work / Applicant had no issue with the quality of work / applicant believed he was overcharged due to number of workers and time spent on the roof work  / Applicant refused to pay balance owed on contract / Respondent counterclaimed $1,626.00 / Whether the law provided an opportunity for a fixed price contract to be reviewed / Whether the respondent mispresented the amount of work or materials needed / Held: time to explore whether bargain was reasonable was before agreement was made not after work was done, unless a price for work was not set in the contract /no misrepresentations made by the respondent regarding the work to be carried out / contract was clear about how work would be done and the price charged / outstanding amount is overdue / Applicant ordered to pay $1,626.00 to th...

  16. MQ v HQ [2021] NZDT 1659 (14 July 2021) [PDF, 99 KB]

    Fencing Act 1978 (FA) / Parties were neighbours and shared a boundary fence between their adjoining properties / Applicant claimed Respondent has damaged fence by attaching old doors to add height to fence / Applicant claimed cost of replacing fence pailings as attachments are causing damage to fence / Whether Respondent was responsible for damage to fence / If so, was Applicant entitled to costs or any other sum / Held: additions to fence were damage to the fence and must be removed / Not sufficient degree of damage to fence to justify replacement of pailings / Claim for compensation not granted / Respondent ordered to remove attachments to fence / If Respondent fails to remove Applicant can arrange contractor to remove and Respondent will be liable to pay $300.00 to Applicant / Claim allowed in part.

  17. NB & TL v UQ Ltd [2021] NZDT 1657 (13 July 2021) [PDF, 191 KB]

    Contract / Fair Trading Act 1986 / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Applicants entered contract with Respondent for repairs to flood damage to property / Contract included 25% deposit of total sum / Work commenced on site in September 2021 but Respondent did not return until Applicant’s insurer paid deposit / Applicant cancelled contract in October 2021 and claims for return of deposit and payment for damage caused by Respondent / Respondent counter claims losses due to cancellation of contract / Whether Respondent claimed to be a certified, qualified or licensed builder in breach of FTA; if so were Applicants entitled to cancel contract; was work carried out with reasonable care and skill and fit for purpose per CGA; if not, what is the remedy; are Applicants entitled to return of deposit; were Applicants entitled to cancel contract; did Applicants breach contract; if so, what is the remedy / Held: more likely than not Respondent engaged in misleading conduct stating he was a qualified ...

  18. MX v BO & KO [2021] NZDT 1630 (13 July 2021) [PDF, 141 KB]

    Property / Parties are neighbours and share adjoining property boundary / Applicant to replace septic tank and seeks order for removal of trees on Respondent’s property / Whether Tribunal has jurisdiction to make an order for removal of trees / Whether roots have grown from Respondent’s property and caused damage / Whether roots from Respondent’s property need to be removed to install septic system / Whether debris from Respondent’s trees blocked drain and caused damage / Whether Applicant entitled to compesation / Whether Tribunal able to make award for Tribunal Filing fee / Held: Tribunal does not have jurisdiction to order removal of trees / Removal of trees not within Tribunal’s jurisdiction per s 10(1) of the Disputes Tribunal Act / Root damage claims dismissed because no evidence of damage to property / Debris damage claim struck out as it relates to request to remove trees / Claim for compensation dismissed / Tribunal has limited ability to make award of costs per s 43 Disputes ...

  19. ET and JT v F Ltd [2021] NZDT 1639 (13 July 2021) [PDF, 197 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Applicants engaged Respondent to complete services relating to their EQC claims / Parties signed contract for services, 4 September 2018 / Delay in completing services / Applicants cancelled contract, 28 January 2021 / Applicants claim refund of $10,420.73, declaration they are not liable to pay invoice of $18,829.38 / Respondent counterclaims payment of $25,078.63 for services provided / Held: Respondent did not comply with obligation to complete services within a reasonable time / Respondent breached consumer guarantee relating to time of completion / Applicant entitled to cancel contract / Claim allowed in part, claim for $10,420.73 dismissed, claim for declaration Applicants not obliged to pay invoice of $18,828.38 allowed / Counterclaim dismissed.

  20. CF v EX [2021] NZDT 1623 (13 July 2021) [PDF, 194 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA) / Applicant wanted outboard motor put on boat / Applicant met Respondent through social media advertisement about motor project / Applicant agreed to have Respondent do the work and install motor / Applicant paid Respondent $900.00 for materials and $1200.00 for labour / Respondent completed most work but experienced issues delaying completion / Applicant had someone else complete work and install motor / Whether there was a legally binding contract between parties and did they intend to create legal relations / Whether the Respondent breached the contract / Whether the CGA applies / If breach, what damages payable or remedies available to Applicant / Held: parties did intend a legally binding agreement / Held: Respondent failed to complete work and had sufficient opportunity in circumstances to complete it / Held: extra $1050.00 Applicant had to pay is value of bargain lost / Claim allowed / Respondent ordered to pay Applicant $1050.00

  21. IN v SU [2021] NZDT 1652 (12 July 2021) [PDF, 161 KB]

    Contract / Car advertised for sale on Facebook Marketplace / Applicant expressed interest / Respondent agreed to hold car until following day for agreed price / Respondent said he would take car for warrant of fitness next morning and adjust price accordingly / Respondent then sold car to another party without contacting Applicant / Respondent claims difference between what he had agreed to pay for the car and cost of getting another similar car, travel costs, and refund of Disputes Tribunal fees / Respondent counterclaimed that claim was frivolous / Held: Consumers Guarantees Act does not apply to the claim / There was a clear offer and agreed terms / There was acceptance of offer / There was adequate consideration / Parties intended to create legal relations / There was a contract between parties / Respondent breached contract by selling car to third party without notice to Applicant / Respondent owes Applicant $2450.00 being the difference between what he would have paid for the car...

  22. IH v DD Ltd [2021] NZDT 1624 (12 July 2021) [PDF, 187 KB]

    Contract / Misrepresentation / Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 / Applicant was a tenant in a property owned by the Respondent / Parties later entered into negotiations for sale and purchase of the property / Unconditional agreement was signed and the Applicant paid a $23,000.00 deposit / Applicant’s finance fell through due to the lender discovering the self-contained downstairs was unconsented, so the property could not be used as home and income / Applicant obtained alternative finance soon after settlement notice deadline expired / Respondent cancelled the sale and purchase agreement and sold the property to another buyer / Applicant sought return of her deposit, $1,936.24 for the goods left on the property and disposed of by the Respondent as well as legal costs / Respondent counterclaimed for $30,000.00 in damages / Whether the Respondent induced Applicant to enter into the contract by a misrepresentation regarding the granny flat / Whether the Respondent breached the contrac...

  23. BC v BT [2021] NZDT 1625 (12 July 2021) [PDF, 175 KB]

    Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Applicant purchased a laptop from the Respondent in 2015 /  In 2019 Applicant took the laptop for repair to an agent of the Respondent / Applicant claimed battery failed prematurely / Applicant claimed the problem with the external charger was a fault, which he should not have to pay for / Whether the laptop failed the guarantee of acceptable quality under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Whether the battery failed prematurely / Whether the laptop was faulty because the laptop was not charging / Held: evidence indicated that the battery was not faulty / more likely the battery had reached its life of 1000 cycles / Laptop not found to have failed the guarantee of acceptable quality regarding the battery / From the evidence available not possible to determine whether the Applicant had a loss relating to the external charging issue / Claim dismissed

  24. IM v KZ [2021] NZDT 1627 (9 July 2021) [PDF, 241 KB]

    Contract / Employment / Tort / Applicant worked for health provider and provided care to Respondent’s father until May 2020 / Respondent was paid by ACC to provide some of her mother’s care / In July 2020, Applicant and Respondent discussed the option of Applicant caring for both Respondent’s mother and father privately / Applicant accepted the private position / Applicant later learnt from ACC she would receive lower pay and no longer receive annual leave and other benefits / Applicant claimed Respondent misrepresented employment package and caused her loss / Applicant claimed $11,257.50 from Respondent / Whether there was a contract between the Applicant and Respondent / If so, whether the contractual relationship was one of employer and employee under the Employment Relations Act 2000 (ERA) /  Whether the Applicant had a claim against the Respondent based on quasi-contract / Whether the Applicant had a claim against the Respondent in tort  / Held: Respondent was not engaging Applica...