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  1. BD & NL v CM Ltd t-a HD [2021] NZDT 1669 (14 October 2021) [PDF, 277 KB]

    Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA) / Applicants purchased cooker from Respondent / Applicants’ had issues with cooker, no replacement parts available and have replaced cooker / Applicants’ claim damages of $9,097.87 from Respondent for costs of refund and replacement of cooker / Is cooker not of acceptable quality and/or not fit for purpose? / Is Respondent Manufacturer of Cooker; if so, did Respondent faile to take reasonable action to ensure facilities for repair of cooker and supply parts were available? / Did Respondent engage in conduct misleading or deceptive? / If so, are Applicants entitled to remedy and is remedy claimed proved and reasonable? / Held: cooker not of acceptable quality or reasonably fit for purpose / Evidence shows issue with cooker and no evidence that Applicants’ did not care appropriately for the cooker / Held: Respondent manufacturer of cooker under s 12 of CGA / Held: Respondent in capacity of manufacturer of cooker failed to comply with s 12 of CGA / Appli...

  2. BC v TG [2021] NZDT 1636 (13 October 2021) [PDF, 105 KB]

    Negligence / Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 / Applicant and Respondent were drivers in vehicle collision / Respondent intended to turn right into driveway as he did so Applicant began to overtake and vehicles collided / Applicant stated Respondent did not indicate / Applicant claimed $250.00 for his insurance excess for car repairs / Whether Respondent was responsible for collision / If so, whether costs were reasonable / Held: not proven that Respondent was responsible for collision / Parties have differing recollections of events / Not proven on balance of probabilities that Respondent failed to indicate / Not reasonable for Respondent to have kept constant watch on car behind him whilst making turn / Not proven that Respondent was responsible for collision / Claim dismissed.

  3. QM v QU Ltd [2021] NZDT 1673 (11 October 2021) [PDF, 117 KB]

    Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Applicant purchased phone from Respondent / Applicant had issue playing certain game on phone / Manufacturer stated issue with touch panel to be adjusted in firmware update / Applicant claims refund of cost of phone and delivery charge / Whether phone of acceptable quality / If not, whether Applicant is entitled to a refund of purchase price and/or cost of delivery / Held: phone not acceptable quality / Phone sold as gaming phone but not fit for purpose of playing popular game / Held: Applicant entitled to reject goods, cancel contract and receive a refund / Applicant also entitled to recover delivery cost / Respondent ordered to pay $1,711.08 to Applicant / Applicant to return phone to Respondent at own cost / Claim allowed.

  4. LC v DH Ltd & QH Ltd [2021] NZDT 1667 (11 October 2021) [PDF, 115 KB]

    Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Respondent completed retro-fit double glazing of Applicant’s home / Applicant experienced various problems with installation which culminated in meeting between the parties / Agreed that Second Respondent would remediate problems with original work and complete additional work / Applicant claimed $11,356.08 from Respondent for refund of quote and payment for original work / Applicant also claimed $3,797.00 from Second Respondent for price of additional work and further claims from both Respondents of $567.77 / Were services provided by Respondent done with reasonable care and skill / If not, was Applicant entitled to refund from Respondent / Were services provided by Second Respondent reasonably fit for purpose / If not, did Applicant or agent contribute to solution installed / If not, was Applicant entitled to refund from Second Respondent / Was Applicant entitled to costs / If so, who should pay the costs / Held: Respondent did not provide services with...

  5. P Ltd v Q Ltd [2021] NZDT 1643 (8 October 2021) [PDF, 145 KB]

    Contract / Applicant contracted with Respondent to supply and fit tyres, rims and lift kit on Respondent’s vehicle / Applicant claims $4,375.00 for balance of unpaid invoice and collection costs / Respondent counter-claims $5,000.00 for illegal work and recovery cost of original rims and tyres / What were terms of contract and did Respondent breach by failure to pay or did Applicant breach by failure to return original equipment / Was work carried out with reasonable care and skill and was outcome fit for purpose / What remedy, if any, available / Held: parties agreed Respondent would pay $9,890.00 and agreement was payment on delivery / Nothing in agreement about collection costs / Agreement included Plaintiff retaining original equipment / Held: no breach of standard of reasonable fitness for purpose or failure to exercise reasonable care and skill / Held: remedy for breach is to place affected party in position would have been in if contract performed / Claim allowed, counter-claim ...

  6. BQ v XB & TB [2021] NZDT 1637 (7 October 2021) [PDF, 196 KB]

    Nuisance / Property Law Act 2007 / Applicant wanted Respondents to pay for repairs to their driveway / Applicant claimed damage was caused by tree roots on Respondents’ neighbouring property / Applicant sought $29,00.00 for repairs / Whether there was a nuisance or there was a defence that the Applicant came to the nuisance / Whether the roots have caused damage or the deformations were inevitable consequence of the way it was constructed / Whether the value of the damage should be a repair costs, as opposed to a change in value / Whether the Applicant had suffered loss / Held: driveway appeared to have damage in the form of corrugations / Evidence suggested damage caused by tree roots / Found to be a nuisance and no defence that the Applicant had come to it / Applicant entitled to receive payment forrepair work to driveway / Respondents can only be responsible for restoring surface to its original state, not better / Respondents ordered to pay Applicant $13,800.00 / Claim granted.

  7. SJ & NY v XT Ltd [2021] NZDT 1644 (6 October 2021) [PDF, 206 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA) / Respondent relocated water meter on Applicants rental property, a leak developed / Respondent agreed to fix leak and provide leak allowance for lost water / Applicants reported further leak, Respondent carried out repairs / Respondent provided further leak allowances and partially paid for water use invoices and charged Applicants for remaining cost / Applicants claim amount charged for estimated water usage excessive / Applicants claim $5,000 for declaration of non-liability on outstanding invoice of $1,056.80 plus damages for distress and time spent resolving matter / Held: Applicant not liable to pay Respondent $289.80 / Respondent overestimated usage / Insufficient evidence of quantifiable loss to award damages / Claim allowed

  8. JU Ltd v U Ltd [2021] NZDT 1633 (6 October 2021) [PDF, 205 KB]

    Insurance / Applicant owned rental property insured by Respondent / Insurance policy included accidental and malicious damage by tenants / When tenants moved out Applicant discovered damage to many areas of property / Applicant made insurance claim, accepted by Respondent / Respondent applied multiple excesses on the basis that damage was result of multiple events / Applicant argued damage should be treated as a single event, only one excess should be applied / Applicant claimed sum of $4,031,31 for cost of repairing damage, less the sum of one excess / Whether damage should be treated as a single event or multiple events under the policy / Held: damage was varied, found to have been caused by multiple events / Respondent entitled to charge multiple excesses / Respondent charged excesses on a room by room basis / Respondent’s calculations accepted / Respondent ordered to pay the Applicant $2,111.79 / Claim granted in part.

  9. DN v TQ [2021] NZDT 1632 (4 October 2021) [PDF, 213 KB]

    Negligence /  Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 / Applicant and Respondent were drivers in a vehicle collision / Both parties accepted that they did not see the other car until impact / Applicant brought a claim of $2,622.00 against Respondent / Whether Respondent caused the collision / If so, did Applicant contribute to the collision  / If so, what was the remedy / Held: Respondent was responsible (at least) in part for the collision / Respondent had an express duty to make sure the road was clear / Respondent did not see the Applicant pull out until it was too late / Applicant had a duty to make sure the road was clear before pulling out onto the road / Taken into account that the Applicant did not see the Respondent’s car until she heard the screech of brakes / Respondent contributed to the collision / Sum that Respondent is ordered to pay reduced by a third to reflect Applicant’s contribution / Applicant ordered to pay Respondent $1,748.00 / Claim allowed.

  10. SA v TD & I Ltd [2021] NZDT 1646 (4 October 2021) [PDF, 139 KB]

    Land Transport (Road User) Rules / Car collision / Applicant claimed costs to repair vehicle /  Whether Respondent caused the collision / Whether Applicant contributed to the collision / Whether Respondent's employer vicariously liable / Held: Respondent caused the collision / Respondent drove in 50km/h zone at around 80km/h / Should not have attempted to pass if he could not do so safely / Applicant contributed to collision by speeding up when Respondent began to pass / Respondent has 65% liability and Applicant 35% / Respondent's employer vicariously liable as Respondent was driving to carry out work at a job site / Respondent and Respondent's employer to pay 65% of the claimed $4,732.25 which is $3,075.96 / Claim granted.

  11. KC v UD [2021] NZDT 1556 (8 September 2021) [PDF, 158 KB]

    Contract / Agreement to purchase caravan / Respondent paid deposit of $3000.00 / Respondent pulled out of deal before full purchase price paid / Applicant sought order from the Tribunal that he was not liable to repay the deposit / Held: contract was condictional on Respondent having finance approced / Finance not approved / Sale of caravan did not become unconditional / Nothing in writing to say deposit was non-refundable / No loss suffered by Applicant / Applicant not entitled to retain deposit / Claim dismissed, Applicant to pay Respondent $3000.00 deposit.

  12. BI v OX [2021] NZDT 1543 (17 September 2021) [PDF, 325 KB]

    Contract / Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 / Induced by misrepresentation to enter in contract / Applicant purchased car from Respondent / Applicant asked before the purchase of the car of overheating issue / Respondent advised no issues of overheating / Car overheated / Applicant claims Respondent misrepresented car / Applicant claims damages / Held: Respondent did misrepresent car / Held: Respondent to pay Applicant $1,869.75 in damages / Claim upheld

  13. US Ltd v NH [2021] NZDT 1545 (16 September 2021) [PDF, 182 KB]

    Contract / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Respondent engaged Applicant to supply and install steel roof / Respondent paid 50% deposit followed by later 25% payment totalling $8,000.00 / Applicant installed incorrect roofing material /  Applicant contracted scaffolders who damaged Respondent’s carport roof / Applicant claims $2,600.00 from Respondent for unpaid balance / Respondent counter-claims $8,000.00 for failure to install correct roofing material / Held: Applicant to refund Respondent $8,000.00 / Roofing not completed to adequate standard /  Applicant failed to adequately remedy issue / Applicant’s claim dismissed

  14. KC & LQ v UT & LT [2021] NZDT 1551 (9 September 2021) [PDF, 137 KB]

    Fencing Act 1978 / Applicants and Respondents own neighbouring properties / Applicants claimed fence between properties not adequate and served Respondents with a notice under the Fencing Act (the Act) asking Respondents to replace fence and pay cost / Respondents served cross notice under the Act stating fence was adequate and did not need replacing / Respondents stated if it did they should only be liable for 50 percent of cost of replacement / Whether the existing fence adequate in terms of the Act / If not, what were reasonable costs for replacement / Whether Respondents damaged the fence and were liable to pay full replacement cost / Held: fence not adequate in terms of the Act / reasonable costs to replace fence are $7,495.00 / condition of fence cannot said to have been caused by Respondents / per s 9 of the Act, each party liable for 50 percent of cost of replacement / Respondent ordered to pay $3,747.50 to Applicant / claim allowed

  15. NU v KD Ltd & QJ Ltd & GE Ltd [2021] NZDT 1550 (9 September 2021) [PDF, 194 KB]

    Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Guarantee of acceptable quality / Rejection of goods / Damages / Applicant purchased car from Respondent in January 2019 / Mechanical breakdown insurance was taken out in relation to the car with the Second Respondent / In March 2020 the car’s engine was replaced by the Third Respondent / Applicant states replacement engine has failed and claims refund of purchase price and repair costs / Held: Applicant not entitled to reject car and receive refund from Respondent / Lost right to reject goods as not done within reasonable time per s 20 CGA / Held: Applicant entitled to damages of $1844.12 from Respondent / Car not of acceptable quality per s 18 CGA / Claim allowed in part / Claim against Second and Third Respondents dismissed

  16. N Ltd v K Ltd [2021] NZDT 1559 (8 September 2021) [PDF, 94 KB]

    Fair Trading Act 1987 / Applicant purchased 14 seater van from Respondent / Upon delivery discovered van only certified to carry 13 people / Respondent seeking $10,000 for misrepresentation and misleading and deceptive conduct / Held: misrepresentation not found / Seats and certification correctly advertised / Misleading conduct found / Van only certified for 12 adults in a fare-paying capacity / Both parties aware that van was to be used for fare-paying passengers / Respondent to pay applicant $2,190.00 / claim allowed

  17. UI v DW Ltd [2021] NZDT 1528 (8 September 2021) [PDF, 245 KB]

    Contract / Veterinarian services / Applicant presented dog to Second Respondent at the First Respondent’s vet clinic for treatment / Dog was seriously ill and its condition deteriorated / Applicant took dog to alternative veterinarian for treatment / Agreement made that Applicant would pay reduced amount to First Respondent / First Respondent later sent another invoice for $671.00 to Applicant / Applicant sought compensation of $9,357.98 for alternative veterinarian bill and other costs / Whether the Second Respondent was personally liable under the contract for treatment of the dog / Whether the treatment of the dog was carried out with reasonable care and skill / What loss had the Applicant suffered / Held: contract for care and treatment of the dog was with the First Respondent, not the Second Respondent personally / Evidence suggested that treatment of the dog was not carried out with reasonable care and skill, particularly treatment provided by the Second Respondent / Applicant sh...

  18. UN v DE Ltd [2021] NZDT 1546 (2 September 2021) [PDF, 211 KB]

    Negligence / Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Guarantee / Reasonable care and skill / Applicant entered a building contract with Respondent / Respondent hired subcontractor to pour coloured concrete driveway and patio for Applicant / Applicant noticed cracks in patio surface and claims refund of cost of patio from Respondent / Whether Respondent failed to use reasonable care and skill, whether Respondent has failed to meet prescribed Building Code Standard within 6-8 hours after initial hardening and, if no cause proven, can inference be drawn from the fact that crack occurred / Held: no proven failure of competency or reasonable care and skill on part of Respondent / Held: timing of cuts meets the Building Code’s expectations, no breach of s 362I(1)(a)(i) / Held: standard allowing tolerance for cracks in concrete sufficient explanation as to why inference cannot be drawn that crack would not have occurred without negligence / Claim dismissed.

  19. OX v QT Ltd [2021] NZDT 1671 (16 August 2021) [PDF, 95 KB]

    Contract / Tort / Trespass / Applicant instructed his son to park in a private carpark / Respondent issued Applicant with a letter to pay $95 for the breach and $75 late payment / Applicant advised Respondent he had not received the first breach letter but paid the $95 / Applicant later received notice from a debt collection agency to pay $288.75 / Applicant sought declaration he was not liable to pay any further monies to the Respondent and claimed reimbursement of the filing fee / Whether the Applicant trespassed onto land by parking without authorisation / Whether the Applicant was a party to a contract by parking where he did / Whether the Applicant was entitled to a declaration that he was not liable to pay the breach fees / Held: $95 paid by Applicant for trespassing onto the Respondent’s land was more than sufficient compensation / No contract between the parties / No foundation for the Respondent’s notice seeking late payment or debt collectors’ fees / Applicant was entitled to...

  20. KN v ID Inc [2021] NZDT 1527 (13 August 2021) [PDF, 216 KB]

    Negligence / Duty of care / Applicant’s car was parked near a hockey stadium / Ball from the turf damaged the applicant’s car / Applicant claimed $1475.00 for damage to his car / Whether the respondents owed a duty of care / What duty was breached / If so, whether the breach caused damage and was foreseeable / What was the reasonable costs of repairing the damage / Held: duty of care for the occupier of the turf to take reasonable care to prevent harm resulting from their activities on the turf/ Applicant was a hockey player and was accustomed to how the turf was used / Applicant failed to discharge onus of proof that there had been a breach of duty of care by the respondents / No breach of duty of care found / claim dismissed.

  21. TC v F Ltd LM [2021] NZDT 1590 (12 August 2021) [PDF, 184 KB]

    Consumer Guarantees Act / Applicant purchased used vehicle from Respondent / Vehicle represented as having current Warrant of Fitness (WOF) / Noticed extensive rust on the floor and other places / Alleged misrepresentation by Respondent / Respondent claimed no knowledge of the rust / Respondent claimed they are not responsible for alleged failures of business who issued WOF / Held: vehicle not misrepresented as rust was not "visible rust" / Held: Respondent not responsible for invalid WOF / No evidence that Respondent knew or ought to have known the issuing authority for the WOF was unreliable / Claim dismissed

  22. LD v LT Ltd [2021] NZDT 1579 (12 August 2021) [PDF, 174 KB]

    Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Kitchen cabinetry / Applicant claimed $7,976.00 in connection to supply and installation of kitchen cabinetry / Applicant claimed a worker for respondent damaged dining table during installation, which would cost $782 to fix / Applicant also claimed the cabinetry supplied breached the warranties as it did not meet the description and it was not reasonably free of defects / Whether it was more likely than not that the respondent’s worker damaged applicant’s table / Whether cabinetry fell short of guarantees under Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 / Held: on the balance of probabilities, more likely than not the table was damaged by respondent’s worker / Respondent must therefore pay cost of getting table fixed / not accepted there was any significant defect in the product that meant it will not be acceptable to an average consumer / Respondent ordered to pay $782 to the applicant / claim granted in part.

  23. IT v UO [2021] NZDT 1578 (11 August 2021) [PDF, 91 KB]

    Contract / Property agreement / Applicant entered into agreement to purchase a property from respondent / Applicant claimed $2,800.00 from respondent for cleaning, removal of cat door, tiling wardrobe and replacing wardrobe sliding doors / Applicant also claimed compensation for missing swipe cards and keys / Whether respondent breached contract / What damages, if any, were payable/ Held: no obligation in written agreement to clean house before settlement / no breach in relation to cleaning / no written agreement relating to cat door and tiling wardrobe / no agreement to attend to those matters was proven / absence of wardrobe sliding doors was breach of contract / failure to provide all keys and swipe cards was breach of agreement / on evidence respondent must pay cost of $418.10 for replacement swipe cards and keys /  Quote provided for sliding doors was lower than applicant’s claim so he can only recover $2,150.00 for doors / Respondent ordered to pay total sum of $2,568,10 to appli...

  24. SX Ltd v RO Ltd [2021] NZDT 1554 (11 August 2021) [PDF, 244 KB]

    Contract / Scaffolding hiring charge / Respondent entered into a contract with Applicant for reroofing and guttering of a property for $674,500.00 / Quoted cost included cost of installing and dismantling scaffolding / Respondent paid $232,702.50 as a deposit / Applicant claimed $30,000 for scaffolding hire charges not paid by Applicant in accordance with the contract / What were the terms of the contract / Whether there had been a breach of contract / If so, what remedy was available / Held: Respondent breached contract / Term of contract required Respondent to pay for weekly rental cost of scaffolding / Respondent had the benefit of the scaffolding for entire reroof process / Remedy was damages to put the innocent party back in the position, they would have been in but for the breach / Respondent ordered to pay Applicant $30,000 / claim allowed

  25. DD TU v BM [2021] NZDT 1607 (10 August 2021) [PDF, 198 KB]

    Contract / Section 35 of the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 / Applicants purchased vehicle from Respondent / Applicants asked if any defects or issues / Respondent replied there were none / Applicants had vehicle serviced and discovered leaking head gasket / Applicants claimed respondent misrepresented condition of vehicle / Applicants claimed $2,500.00 for cost of repair / Held: Respondent misrepresented state of vehicle / Held: Respondent to pay $2,000.00 to Applicant because only one quote provided and risk of betterment / claim upheld